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"I am going to show you in short easy steps how to capitalize on the raging foreclosure & bank owned real estate market. We lay it out in simple no BS format for beginners and seasoned veterans."

No fluff, No hype and a No BS Short Sale System!

Who Should Utilize This: 
Real Estate Investors
Business Owners 
New Home Buyers
Upgrading Your Home
And Anyone else that wants to capitalize on the Foreclosure Market.

Special Note for Homeowners in Foreclosure 

Learn the process and why you do not want to let the bank do a BPO on your property. Let the investor or realtor take care of this with the bank. 

Why you need to contact a foreclosure expert to get you out of foreclosure.

Why you do not want to do your own short sale (which is not beneficial for you).

D. Carter
 EARN $5,000-$45,000

Foreclosures are higher than ever and savvy investors/realtors are dominating their markets by creating profitable real estate deals that are typically untouched by the average investors/realtors!

From the Desk of D Carter
Updated Date: June 1st, 2009

Were you aware that the most creative and profitable real estate investing strategy known today is the Short Sale?

That's right, this powerful technique allows you to acquire real estate for up to 40 or more below market value with No or little Money Down and gives you the opportunity to help homeowners get out of foreclosure, the bank to get rid of the property and you to make a great profit. 

I have been earning $5,000, $8,000, $15,000... or more in profit on property in foreclosure.

What if you could put your hands on a step-by-step program to help you reach this goal? Most gurus will give you the information and leave a few things out so you have to go to their boot camp and pay $2000 to $5000 to get the rest. Not us, we give you all the information you need with nothing left out.

You will LEARN....
A the secret to discounting real estate 30, 40 even 50 under market value
How to create instant equity in a property that is upside-down
How to short sale a property from A to Z
Why banks are so willing to discount loans
How to get started Fast
And this is just the beginning...
Why am I sharing this with you?
Because I wanted to give you all my knowledge about Foreclosures and short sales without all the hype and 300 page manual that is mostly fluff. I dont know about you, but I am tired of people spending $2000 to $5000 to learn these techniques. I cant believe some of the things Ive seen out there. I know a few of you may not be ready to believe this yet, but foreclosure investing is actually quite simple, given the right mentor and system to follow. In fact, anyone can do this regardless of their previous experience, knowledge or location. You dont even need a college education or money saved up to be successful in this business. All you need is desire, persistence, and a great attitude combined with these foreclosure strategies and you could be getting large paychecks.

Its true that many lenders will facilitate the sale of a home facing foreclosure by allowing the mortgage loan to be paid off at a discount from the amount owed. They will only consider doing that if they have begun a foreclosure action against the will lenders sometimes accept a discounted loan payoff? Hey! You asked for it.
Lenders base many of their financial decisions on the "Note Rate". That is what the bank chooses to earn on investments. The Note Rate is based on the following: current T-Bill yields, Net Cost-of-Funds, what competitors are charging for mortgage money, brokerage discounts, pass book savings interest rates, etc. Into this they calculate their cost of doing business and what they must produce in shareholder profitsBased on these calculations lenders decide what they have to charge on AA, A, B and C mortgage paper and personal loans, and what to pay out on passbooks, and money market accounts.
Each category is assigned a specific "Note Rate or interest rate a higher rate for loans with higher risk lower rates for less risk. That Note Rate is the overall yield the lender must earn on the money it loans in various categoriesThe note-rate requirements are then the lending bible for every type of loan made in each of the lenders departments.A loan department may offer money at 3 for 6 months, after which the rate adjusts-up every six months until it reaches the Note Rate. That allows the lender to receive its predetermined profitable yield.
Then they calculate how much of their anticipated yield would be lost if a loan were to terminate before it reached the Note Rate level. They add that figure into the contract as a decreasing-term pre-payment penalty, so that no matter what happens the bank still gets its Note Rate.
If there is no pre-payment penalty, then the borrower must pay points to insure that the lender will not be deprived of its expected Note Rate yield. The Note Rate changes with the general cost of money. So how does this motivate a lender to accept a discounted mortgage payoff? When an aged loan defaults, the Note Rate often has already been achieved, and the lender has nothing to lose by allowing the property to be sold for less than they are actually owed. Even though the loan may have a balance of $150,000 over the next 25 years, the lender will usually be better off to convert that "Future-Value" money into "Present-Value" money and get it back into profitable circulation with new loans.
That business decision allows the lender to accept, for example, a
$100,000 payoff on a $150,000 loan (or some other discounted figure) and still be in a sound financial position. That $100,000 in cash today is worth a lot more than $150,000 that won't be completely returned for another 25 years. When the money goes back out to new borrowers it will virtually always be even more profitable to the bank than their having waited for the old loan to pay down.
To further protect the lender from risk, they send an IRS Form 1099 to the short sale seller for the difference between what they were owed on the loan, and what the property eventually sold for. Now they don't end-up paying the income tax for their borrowers debt-relief or on their costs.
The lender ends up with additional loan-points on new loans, after already obtaining their desired Note Rate.
The above is a brief explanation of why it is often worth the effort to contact a lender and ask for a discounted pay off. Other factors are involved in a lenders attitude about short sales, but now you understand one of the important ones.
How It Works

Here's how it works. Let's say that a homeowner facing foreclosure currently owes $100,000 on an $110,000 mortgage and he/she is also 3 months behind on his/her mortgage payment.

Let's also assume that the property is worth $110,000, you as an investor make a short sale offer to the lender of $55,000 as the new payoff amount.

If the bank accepts your offer you will have the opportunity to acquire the property for $55,000, therefore creating $55,000 in profit.

You now have four options...

Option #1 - Add it to your real estate portfolio and earn huge income each month in
cash flow by renting the house.

Option #2 - Sell it for a quick profit as a wholesale!
Option #3 - Sell it for a profit at retail by rehabbing it and selling for a premium!
Option #4 - Buy the house with you and your family to live in.

Above Example:
$110,000 (ARV of Property) - $55,000 (Purchase Price) = $55,0000 (Net Profit After Short Sale)
If you sell this retail remember holding cost, realtor fees and hard money cost.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting started, one of the biggest challenges you will encounter as a real estate investor will be finding deals with lots of equity. 9 out of 10 houses that you come across will have no equity at all.
Not only are great deals becoming few and far between, the ones that do remain are often gobbled up by savvy investors with deep pockets. However, if you learn the short sale techniques that I teach, the door to unlimited income opportunities in real estate will be opened immediately!

I've have helped hundreds of investors and realtors acquire or sell property using the foreclosure short sale techniques that I teach. I am making these same techniques available to you.

The NO BS Foreclosure System makes it possible for you to buy real estate and earn profits or commission without much risk.  
This course provides you with those tools needed to get started immediately. 

Here's a snapshot of what you will learn:

Stages Foreclosure Process
· Understanding a Foreclosure
· Judicial States and Non Judicial States
· Mortgage Default
· Discounting Mortgages

· Letters
· Example Letters
· Door Knocking
· Script Door Knocking
· Bandit Signs

· Phone Calls From Homeowners
· What to Say
· Call Information Sheet
· Listed Properties
· Bankruptcy
· Paperwork Needed
· Authorization to Release Loan Information
· Explanation of Paperwork
· Hard Money Lenders
· Example: Proof of Funds Letter
· Hardship Letter
· Financial Statement Homeowner
· Listing Letter
· Land Trust Paperwork
Short Sale Paperwork
· Bank Phone Numbers
· Contractor Sheet
· Negotiate Short Sale
· Strategic Plan
· Second & Third Loans
Short Sale Process
· BPO or Appraisal
· Offers to the Bank
· Wholesaling vs. Retailing
· Negotiate with the Bank
· Offer Accepted
· Selling the Property
"...closed my first short sale 45 days later "
"I just had to share this with you! I got a home for it for $104,525 but the property is really valued at $155,000. This was a 2000 sq. ft. home with 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and full basement with 2 car garage. You know what, it is also in a great area for schools and overall neighborhood is awesome. All I can say is wow! I bought the house and did some cosmetic rehab, then sold it for $145,900. Thank you for the incredible information you provide on doing short sales.

 - Joe Hartfield Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Dont be fooled by other programs!  You dont need additional information, you need a plan and a system to follow.  You have found that system here!

A short sale is the most creative and effective way to purchase property well below market value and make huge profits in a short period of time.

Dont waste anymore time!  My easy to follow course will show you exactly how to complete a short sale. You can begin today.
 Here's A More Extensive Look At What You Will Learn:
  How to execute a successful short sale. Learn to avoid the common mistakes
  made by inexperienced investors.

Details of the paperwork needed.

What you need in a short sale package to present to the lender.

Example of a HUD for an effective short sale.
How to effectively communicate with the homeowner to get the deal.

How to negotiate with the lender so that you come off as an expert.
How to locate and determine a great deal using our system.
  Different exit strategies you can use.

How to find buyers for your property.

Our step-by-step formula that you can start implementing right now.

How to create as much as $40,000 in equity from just 1 property.
   How to turn the property by doing a double closing, for quick cash.

  How to duplicate this system over and over. 
   Most of all, from top to bottom - NO BS system on doing short sales    
And much more...
"...and make $9,646 in profit."
"My first deal I made over $9,000. I did a double closing and turned the property over to another investor for quick cash. It was the easiest deal I have ever done. I'm very excited about my real estate investing future."
  - Chris in Ohio

Dont Spend $2,000 to $10,000 on Seminars
 or $300 to $1,000 on Overpriced Short Sale Manuals and eBooksDid you know that the average cost on the internet for short sale investing education is roughly $2,000? The program I am offering is priced much lower because I want to make it affordable for you!

Everything that you need to succeed is included in this course. Plus, it's specially priced for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. So there's really no excuse not to get started today.

If you really want a step-by-step real estate investing program that is geared towards investors, realtors, brokers, entrepreneurs, business minded and people who just want to make more money part-time or full-time. You have a decision to make, will it be the right decision. The NO BS Foreclosure System will teach you how to build wealth by investing in pre-foreclosures and distressed property.
"I think your course was a great investment, worth much more than the cover price. Your book had great content."
 - Eddie Atlanta, GA

"Since learning about short sales and the foreclosure process I have made $35,000 extra in the last 4 months. Wow, I love the information and it is straight to the point with no fluff."

- Dennis     in KS
Become A Short Sale Expert!
You've probably purchased other real estate courses before and you're probably wondering "What's so different about No BS Short Sales?"
The answer is that many courses are based on theory and not actual experience. This course was developed from years of actual short sales experience.
You see, many courses give you the "what" but are missing the "how to".
Others require almost superhuman effort to achieve their promises. Not to mention superhuman "pockets". 

Your Bargain, My Expense

Most of the people who have bought my course are delighted to have received such great information at a surprisingly low cost. Guess what? Your deal is even better especially when you look at my expense to gain this same knowledge!
You won't be charged what others are paying elsewhere for similar short sale programs. No way. Your cost is substantially less than any other comparable course on the market. The reason for the low cost is because I can significantly lower my cost by distributing my product online.
Prove It To Yourself!

Here's the deal, just say yes and you will instantly get my eBook The NO BS Foreclosure System. Take 30 days to review the course. If you are not happy we will give you a refund with no questions asked.


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